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You LOVE the idea of positive parenting, but you find it HARD to use in real life.

Your child is worthy of respect. You know this. 

But it's almost like they make this as difficult as possible for you! 🙆

Maybe the positive approach works for a bit, but then it stops working.

Maybe it works really well when you have LOADS of time and patience, but not so much when you're running late or exhausted (or in the middle of the grocery store).

Maybe those strategies don't work at all and the only thing that DOES work is raising your voice.

Even though this isn't how you want to treat your child, it seems to be the only way to get them to listen.

And you wonder,
"Can this whole positive parenting thing even work on my child?"

Yes, yes it can. 

But the solution isn't what you think. 

It's not about controlling your child and getting them to listen every single time, the first time without question (that's blind obedience and I know you don't want that either).

It's not about learning more strategies or tips and tricks that will work every time without fail.

It's about MASTERING a few basic concepts.

Become really good at these, and then everything else will fall into place. 

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