If you want to raise a critical thinker who can ask questions and stand up for themselves AND you still want a child who listens and cooperates, this podcast is for you :)

Parenting is full of these types of contradictions. It is messy and nuanced.

Nothing is ever black and white. Everything is gray --- especially when it comes to raising kids in this crazy world.

So let's play in the gray together.

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27. She Didn’t Want to Sit With Me on the Bus! (She was 5)

26. Are We (Unwittingly) Preventing Children from Learning?

25. Will They Be OK? Moving Through Our Own Fear As Parents

24. Expect More Meltdowns and Power Struggles This Back to School S...

23. Pushing Your Child vs. Waiting Until They’re Ready (challenges ...

22. Getting into the Back-to-School Routine

21. Being Inconsistent is Part of the Process (But it Sends Mixed M...

20. Consequence vs. Punishment: What's the Difference?

19. Why You Can’t Stop Yelling (explained in 5 year old terms)

18. Don't Bother with the "One Mental Health Day a Month" Rule

17. Next Time You're Going to Yell, Try This

16. You’re Screwing Up Your Child (and Here’s Why It’s OK)

15. How to Use a Framework to Parent Your Unique Child

14. Can you ACTUALLY Get Your Kid to Listen WITHOUT Yelling?

13. Snacking Before Dinner - Should You Allow It?

11. Everything We've Been Taught About Parenting is Wrong

12. Your Child is Telling You Something When They Act Out

10. Monthly Parenting Update - March 2021

9. Put an End to Sibling Rivalry and Reduce the Fighting in Your Home

8. How to Stay Calm and Patient with Your Kids

7. Mothering Yourself, Letting Go of Fear, and Picky Eating

6. Monthly Parenting Update - FEB 2021

5. I Thought I Would Spank My Child - Book Reading

4. One of the Best Ways to Build Confidence in Our Kids

3. Tantrums are a Good Thing

2. Monthly Parenting Update - JAN 2021

1. Introducing the Parenting with Lindsay Podcast